Table of Contents

  • Bolt CLI
  • Bolt Project
  • Bolt Project Runner
    • Bolt Project Runner Options
  • Bolt Service
  • Bolt Service Runner
    • Bolt Service Runner Options

Bolt CLI

Bolt CLI is a command-line interface tool that provides a comprehensive set of commands, arguments, and options for efficient management, execution and monitoring of services and projects. It offers a convenient way to interact with Bolt and perform various operations.

Bolt Project

A Bolt Project represents a fully functional application capable of running on any system. It encompasses a wide range of possibilities, including applications developed using popular frameworks and technologies such as NextJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, Laravel PHP, or Golang. Additionally, it can also encompass a monorepo containing multiple microservices, providing a flexible and scalable architecture for complex projects.

Bolt Project Runner

Bolt Project Runner is a powerful utility designed to facilitate the management of multiple projects. It enables the execution of projects either on the host machine or within a virtual machine environment.
The host machine refers to the user's local computer or server, while the virtual machine is an internal virtualisation platform prepared using Alpine Linux v3.18.

Bolt Project Runner Options

  • Host
  • VM

Bolt Service

A Bolt Service refers to a self-contained and fully functional application or microservice. Within a Bolt Project, multiple services can be included, each serving a specific purpose or functionality.
A Bolt Service can be a Process on the host machine, a Docker Container or a Process on the Virtual Machine.

Bolt Service Runner

Bolt Service Runner is a component within the Bolt framework that facilitates the management of various services defined within a Bolt Project.
Service Runner enables users to run their projects either locally on their systems or within a Docker environment or a Virtual Machine. This runner provides a seamless execution environment for services, enabling efficient development and testing of applications and microservices.

Bolt Service Runner Options

  • Local
  • Docker
  • VM Local
  • VM Docker