Bolt: The Universal Project Runner

Run Docker containers, child processes, or even encapsulate your entire project within a VM, all under one unified API.
Bolt is a universal project runner. Bolt is designed to run child processes, Docker containers and can even encapsulate your entire project within a VM, all under a single unified API. Whether your environment is local, Docker-based, or a VM, Bolt provides a seamless, cohesive experience. Shift your focus to creating and let Bolt handle the complexities of setting up the development environment.
Here's a brief overview of Bolt's Architecture:
Bolt Architecture

Why Bolt?

Running projects locally requires running system services and using system resources. For eg: A project may need to run a Postgres instance, an iOS simulator and a Node watcher & bundler. It can get cumbersome when you set up everything manually because you may need a Docker instance for the Postgres, a child process on the host machine to boot the iOS simulator and another child process for the Node packager. The Node packager can also run as a Docker instance. And when you run all these, the host machine may slow down and you may have to move things inside a VM. Bolt solves all those problems with a unified API for managing services (boot, kill, restart, fetch logs).
Why Bolt?